Renault 5 Turbo Mk.1

At the end of the seventies, Renault launched a very important model in terms of sales, the Renault 5. It quickly lived up to expectations and an Alpine version was born, bringing a little sportiness to the range. However, two engineers found this insufficient and dreamt up a more radical version. Jean Terramorsi and Henry Lherm envisioned an ultimate version equipped with a Turbo. After convincing the rest of the staff, the Renault 5 was transformed into a racehorse with a completely redesigned body, a 160-horsepower turbo engine and road worthiness rarely seen on such a small car. This R5 Turbo quickly became a legend and is today an icon for a whole generation.

  • string(1) "6" string(1) "7" string(1) "8" string(2) "10" string(2) "11" July 2019
  • G043
  • 999
  • 1/12th
  • Blue Olympe (486)
  • 1980

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