Nismo GT-R (R34) Clubman Race Spec

Founded in 1984 by Nissan, Nismo was the performance division of the Japanese company for competition and open road driving. Nismo enjoys pushing sporty Nissans beyond their own limits. The Skyline GT-R was not one to avoid the eagle eyes of the company. While everybody though the Z-Tune would be the ultimate evolution of the R34, the standard-bearer for sportsmanship at Nismo, the latter decided to bring out the Club Racer Spec. The brakes, as well as a vast number of other pieces, came from Nismo's considerable catalogue.

  • string(1) "6" string(1) "7" string(1) "8" string(1) "9" string(2) "10" Août 2017
  • OT232
  • 2500
  • 1/18th
  • Gun metalic KAD

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