Renault 5 GT Turbo Cabriolet by EBS

EBS is a Belgian body shop which, during the Eighties, was looking to expand its market into manufacturing. In order to achieve this they presented to Renault a convertible version of the Supercinq. The French were thoroughly impressed, but due to the arrival of a new CEO, the contract fell through. “Who cares”, thought EBS, who decided to follow through regardless with the production of this convertible. Production of the car began in 1987 and lasted until 1996. Officially only 886 Super-Cabrios were produced, of which only 130 bore the desirable markings GT Turbo, offering its lucky driver a hair-raising experience on the road.

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  • OT280
  • 999
  • 1/18th
  • Bleu Sport Nacre
  • 1990

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