Rally Set Tour de Corse Clio Maxi

Rally Set Tour de Corse Clio Maxi

Rally Set Tour de Corse Clio Maxi

Jean Ragnotti, with his rather generous piloting style, his joie de vivre, fair play and speed has always found a place in the hearts of car aficionados. Comfortable on both tracks and rallies, the French pilot took on one his favourite races, the Tour de Corse. The Clio Maxi, while not the most powerful car, had an ideal weight ratio to handle the small tortuous roads of the southern island. During the entire race, the small Renault received rapturous encouragements that pushed it into a decent 11th place. Once the race was over, Jean was able to get a bit of downtime in the truck workshop that would take the car home.

  • string(1) "6" string(1) "7" string(1) "8" string(2) "10" string(2) "11" November 2018
  • OT289
  • 999
  • 1/18th
  • Ragnotti - Tour Corse 1995
  • 1995

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