Pack Rally Renault 5 Alpine Gr.2

Pack Rally Renault 5 Alpine Gr.2

Pack Rally Renault 5 Alpine Gr.2

In 1978, at the Monte-Carlo, the rally ended with a French hat-trick: Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Jean Ragnotti and Guy Fréquelin dominated the German Walter Röhrl who was with Fiat at the time. The small Renault 5 Alpine cars showed their full potential on the snow-covered and icy stages of the Monte-Carlo. Unfortunately, they passed within a minute of victory and finished just behind Jean-Pierre Nicolas' Porsche. Jean Ragnotti was second in front of Guy Fréquelin and his number 12. The assistance of that time could count on an imposing Saviem SB2 MKII, a brand affiliated to the Renault group and whose name is an acronym for "Société anonyme de vehicles industrielles et Equipements mécaniques ”.

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  • OT332
  • 999
  • 1/18th
  • #12 G. Frequelin
  • 1978

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