Volvo 850 R Sedan

In 1991 the Volvo 850 was unveiled at the Stockholm Globe Arena. It was the conclusion of Volvo's Galaxy project. The new model was designed by Jan Wilsgaard, who has been responsible for Volvo models since the 1956 Amazon! Why is it called the 850? The 8 means it is the successor to the 740 and the 5 is a reference to its special engine. This model was a revolution, as it was the first Volvo with front-wheel drive and a 5-cylinder transverse engine. It was promoted with the slogan "A dynamic car with four global innovations". These innovations are: the famous transverse engine, the Delta-Link rear axle (a Volvo creation), the integrated side impact protection system (SIPS) and the automatically adjustable front seat belt. Four years later, Volvo launched the T-5R, an ultra-sporty version limited to 2,500 units. A true collector's item with a superb turbocharged engine with air-to-air heat exchanger and 240 hp!

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  • OT427
  • 2000
  • 1/18th
  • Red 609-11
  • 1996

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