Peugeot 505 V6

In the Eighties, the people were clamouring for a comfortable sedan that was also capable of crossing the country in a few hours. The Sochalien manufacturer was up against German giants to in the category of sports sedans. To replace the 604, they knew they needed a sedan that was both classic and dynamic. The peaceful 505 was thus equipped with a PRV engine, that boosted both its torque and horsepower. The Peugeot sedan was finally able to pass the 200 km/h thanks to its 170 horsepower. The quality of the chassis was on par with the reputation of the brand, and today the 505 V6 has become a collector highly sought after by amateurs of Youngtimers.

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  • OT687
  • 999
  • 1/18
  • Bleu Delft
  • 1987

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