Ford Escort Mk4 RS Turbo

A true star of the 60s and 70s, the Escort hit some rough patches in the eighties. The sport versions of the Escort MkIV were also failures because, on the opposing teams, the Gti was beginning to make its mark and impose itself on all terrains. Ford therefore needed to react and decides to add a Turbo to its Escort. This was enough to approve it for Group A in rallying and to have a sports vehicle worthy of the name in the catalogue. Without being the best in its class, the Escort MkIV managed to seduce a number of aficionados. Its recognizable design at first glance and its raw performance made it an object of desire for many motorists. A mission well done for Ford!

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  • OT826
  • 1/18
  • Red
  • 1990

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