Renault 15 GTL

The Renault 15 and 17 were almost identical cars. First appearing on the market in 1971, it was a redesign of the Renault 12. The original stylist of the Renault 15 and 17 was Gaston Juchet. On 1 March 1976, Renault launches its second phase of the R15 TS replacing it with the 15 GTL. The new 15 GTL used the notorious Moteur Cléon-Fonte engine with a size of 1289cm3 producing 68hp. Due to the oil shortages of this time and a series of anti-automobile policies, Renault will downplay its engine size and instead showcase the cars other features particularly the vehicle’s seats. These seats, named the "PETAL", will be featured in all advertisements of the time...

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  • OT599
  • 1000
  • 1/18th
  • Orange
  • 1979

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