The OttOmobile story began in 2008, on the initiative of two friends, Frédérick Guillier-Sahuqué and Nicolas Urian. Previously engineers in the automotive industry, they specialized in the creation of thermoplastic parts but they did not have the possibility of working on a complete product.

In 2003, they moved towards the toy industry and worked for a new page of the story: die-cast toys. At that time, both were working in China as as Product Manager, their first steps as a stakeholder in the toy market.

In 2008, Frédérick Guillier-Sahuqué and Nicolas Urien join forces for a crazy bet: to create a new mark of miniatures denoting in the landscape of reduced models of the time. So they combine the two worlds that have animated them for so many years: the automobile and scale models.
In 2008, Frédérick Guillier-Sahuqué and Nicolas Urien joined forces

A new market

The 1/18th.

The reference scale at this time in Asia and Europe was 1/43. The manufacturers, convinced that it would not convince collectors, not interested in 1/18 scale, too expensive.

Frédérick Guillier-Sahuqué and Nicolas Urien saw things differently. The 1/18 had its role to play and they were going to prove it!

This is how the Renault Clio Williams sees the day in 2009, the first OttOmobile miniature appeared on the market, in 1/18 scale of course. A UFO in the field which immediately seduces collectors! A larger reproduction, resin, without opening, limited and numbered with a neat and meticulous painting... the charm operates and the incredible adventure begins. The exclusivity of the product but also its reasonable price, accessible all collectors please! It is one of the commitments Dear leaders, remain accessible by offering quality miniatures.
Renault Clio Williams Ottomobile
No one imagined such a success, this ambition earned them the creation of a new collector car market. Despite this, no distributor or retailer believed in this crazy idea...

15 years later

ottomobile the Josselin showroom

Ottomobile is still there...

OttOmobile thus decides to sell its productions by herself. The company creates its own logistics platform in France and exclusively sells its model cars online. The story does not end like this, it continues every day by the impetus of all employees and thanks to the loyalty of collectors.

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