The OttOmobile commitment

A placement

The passion for automobiles and miniatures has driven us for nearly 15 years now. When OttOmobile was launched, the benchmark scale on the market was 1/43, but our leitmotif was to democratize a new scale of scale models: 1/18 with the theme of Youngtimers vehicles. Popular cars from the 80s to the 2000s, these cars really deserved more attention, so our product was perfect and our values ​​were going to guide our choices for setting up the collection and the commitments that we strive to keep for each new small car:

  • Offer exclusive, limited and numbered models
  • Introduce at least two new models per month (now we offer five new models per month via our Club OttOmobile
  • Sell ​​primarily on the internet via our club and online store.
  • To please as many people as possible by offering prices that defy all competition!

A philosophy

We wanted to reproduce cars that manufacturers would never make, so we quickly set our sights on the Renault Clio Williams, at the time it made us dream!

Today, the OttOmobile collection is more than 1000 references which find passionate collectors to welcome them at each outing.

Nous savons que vous en prenez le plus grand soin, de leur conception à vos vitrines nos petites OttOmobile vivent une jolie vie, c’est ça l’amour de la miniature. Depuis toutes ces années, nous sommes comblés de vivre de cette passion mais surtout d’échanger avec notre clientèle toute aussi passionnée.
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